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EarthPulser™ promotes deeper sleep. Fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, not wake as often. If you're not sleeping as well as you used to get an EarthPulser and get to sleep immediately.

Without deep sleep the body's cells can't fully recover from normal wear and tear, let alone heal its diseases or injuries. How much would it be worth to be able to sleep well for the rest of your life and vastly improve your quality of life, even as you grow older?

EarthPulser™ is small, portable and used primarily from under the mattress at night to 'tune' your neurological system into deeper and far more recuperative sleep with absolutely no impact on your already busy schedule.

During sleep our Patented rhythmic DC magnetic fields stimulate body's cells within a very important range of naturally occurring endogenous and exogenous frequencies (generated from within the body, by the body, and from outside the body, by the Earth and Ionospheric Cavity).

These frequencies entrain or "tune" consciousness toward deep, slow-wave, Delta rhythm sleep. Delta rhythm sleep results in well established neuroendocrine (hormone) cascade with fabulous health, ergogenic and anti-aging effects.

In the morning Sleep on Command™ gently steps up its rhythm and sequentially "tunes" consciousness toward an alert mind state prior to your alarm clock ringing. You'll wake up more alert and your daytime energy will soar.

Nightly use provides remarkable effects including deeper sleep, enhanced daytime energy, better mental focus, improved hand - eye - motor coordination, better balance, improved flexibility; while helping to promote bone density, blood & tissue oxygen, nitric oxide production, strength and stamina.

You will experience less nighttime urination, reduced morning stiffness and vastly reduced soreness whether age or work-out related.

Nagging physical issues disappear as cells' energy levels improve and natural healing occurs more efficiently. Nightly use promotes reduction of stress and significantly slows the aging process.

What would you be willing to give to be able to Sleep On Command™?

With a 90 day satisfaction guarantee, you've got an excellent statistical probability that EarthPulser™ is going to work for you.

Better sleep means better health, improved productivity, enhanced quality and length of life. Less sick days will literally pay for the device your first year.

If you're sedentary, lack cardio training or otherwise suffer low blood-O2, the EarthPulser™ will have you breathing easier in days. If you are an athlete, percentage gains in saturated blood O2 are equal-to or greater than hypoxic and altitude training WITHOUT THE EFFORT. Just set the timer at night and go to sleep. Really,...it's as simple as that to gain ergogenic effects unattainable by any other methods. Think of EarthPulser™ as a tempo controller for your neurological and physiological system. Slowing down the rhythm results in deeper sleep and far better recovery. Speeding the rhythm just a few hertz results in heightened alertness (higher than that results in stress and reduced performance). We never use frequencies that result in stress.

Think of modern life saturated with 50-60 Hz power and high frequency EMF from cell phones, cell towers and wireless computer networks as continually "tuning" our bodies toward stress, not toward relaxation and deep sleep as nature intended. It's no wonder people of all ages are having more difficulty getting the deep sleep they so desperately need. The last thing you need is exposure to 33 Hz or 100 Hz or 1000 Hz for physiological healing as our competitors machines employ.

Dozens of animal studies show exposure to frequencies greater than 15 Hz results in increased stress markers and behavioral changes.

The landmark National Sleep Foundation/Pampers® survey completed in November '05 found that babies and toddlers (< 5 y.o.) aren't sleeping nearly as well as they did 2 decades ago. Children's sleep has been proven to be erratic and not nearly as sound as what was considered normal. We believe these effects are EMF related and exacerbated by poor quality foods. All recent NSF studies show male and female adults and the elderly not sleeping nearly as well either. This is a world-wide urban dilemma. The latest peer reviewed study -08 Jan- showed cell phone microwaves had a definite, detrimental impact on sleep. The 2008 NSF Poll of the American Workforce showed lack of sleep impacting 30% or more. No surprises there. It is the same in every industrialized nation.

EarthPulser Sleep on Command™ now contains FOUR - 4 - SLEEP-MODES that guide consciousness (of up to two people) toward deep sleep where physiological and psychological recovery occur most efficiently. In the morning, it steps up to ALERT-MODE to help you wake-up.

ALERT-MODE can be used at your desk or anytime to help enhance and maintain concentration while significantly reducing mental and physical fatigue. RECOVER-MODE helps promote natural healing response while stimulating cell mitochondria to generate enhanced levels of energy. With more cellular energy, healing occurs far more efficiently. When mitochondria are stimulated at the proper frequency, studies suggest ATP production increases by factors not percent. Oxygen consumption by mitochondria is reduced; i.e. more ATP produced with less O2 consumed. More efficient ATP production enables every function of the body to be improved.

Blood oxygen receptor sites improve oxygen attraction so saturated blood oxygen goes up while mitochondrial demand for oxygen goes down. Breathing becomes far easier and perceived effort far lower.

An American record holding distance runner increased his saturated blood oxygen by 5% at 6000 Ft. altitude in 8 nights. A U.S. Swim Team member with baseline blood O2 already at 99-100% at sea level increased his resting breath-hold by 19% within a few weeks. Simultaneously his underwater swim on one breath increased by 50%!!!...read as-> oxygen demand under load goes DOWN. These types of results are unprecedented in the published scientific literature and unattainable through any other method(s). Our swimmer went on to set a perfect record winter '08 w/21 gold medals in 21 events during the FINA World Cup of Swimming.

Martial artists also have seen great recovery and strength building with the EarthPulser™

EarthPulser™ provides such remarkable athletic performance enhancement it makes Hypoxic/Altitude Training systems and illegal or banned ergogenic aids including steroids obsolete. Strength to weight ratio increases more than with steroids as body weight is maintained and in some cases reduced, while peak strength increases up to 19%.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy Endorsements

ALTERNATIVES for the health conscious individual - Vol. 10, No. 9 (March 2004) Magnetically Attractive Healing: The power of low-energy magnetic fields is very favorable review of the EarthPulser™ biomagnetic supplementation device. In the article he calls pulsed electromagnetic fields "The find of a century...or two", and "The greatest discovery in the history of medicine". When used in LOCAL RECOVER-MODE for traumatic or stubborn local issues our magnetic field is applied directly to the area through the clothing using our patented CROSS-POLARITY inductor electromagnet (North and South Pole simultaneously). The North-Pole /South-Pole field gradient is accountable for extraordinary results.

You simply can not get these effects with other systems. EarthPulser™ is truly the most adaptable system ever devised for your experimental PEMF research in just about any area of interest.

The synergistic combination of better sleep, more youthful hormone profiles, more efficient oxygenation, increased ATP production and enhanced cell membrane potential bolster the immune system enabling the body to repair itself at the cellular level with greatly enhanced efficiency. Your body will utilize your nutritional supplements with far greater efficiency. It is the Rosetta Stone of attaining better health.

You will wake up refreshed with far less age related stiffness and/or work-out related soreness. You will "catch" less colds and flu. You will feel and perform a decade or two younger within 90 days or we'll refund you purchase price. World Class Athletic Performance Enhancement:

EarthPulser™ ergogenic effects out-perform steroids and other banned / illegal performance enhancing substances. EarthPulser™ increases strength (15-19% peak strength increase) without adding any body weight (or causing other unwanted side effects).

Strength to weight ratio is increased significantly over steroids. Libido is positively impacted.

Stamina and 'wind' under load are like nothing you've EVER experienced. You'll have 10% - 20% more stamina within 1- 2 weeks. Another 10% - 20% within two more weeks.

Aerobic athletes will be amazed by their short term recovery and long term stamina due to enhanced mitochondrial ATP production and reduced O2 burn (even if saturated blood O2 is at 99-100% already).

Added strength to weight ratio increases speed and quickness. Hand/eye/motor coordination fully synchronized makes reflexes faster and more accurate.

Resting-breath-hold improves 10-20% generally after one week. Another 10-20% or more over coming months and two years from now it'll be twice where you started from. 'Wind'-under-load will noticeably improve within a couple of days. You will begin to gain a significant (yet covert) competitive advantage within the first 7 days and we'll guarantee that too.

Your competitive career will be extended considerably as age related loss of physical and mental performance and propensity to physical injury will be non-existent for perhaps as long as an extra decade (or two).


Sleep on an EarthPulser™ because you may find yourself competing against someone who does. Our Clients range from 16 year old top ranked Girls Junior Tennis players, to men and woman well into their 90’s; from Chess champions, professional golfers and World Champion swimmers, to UFC Champions and military Special Forces. Pets and Equine Athletes:

EarthPulser™ works as good (or better) on pets and equine athletes. Pets will exhibit improved mobility and act younger in just a few days of putting the electromagnet under their bedding. NO PLACEBO EFFECT THERE! Cloudy -aged- eyes will appear clearer in about 3-6 months when used 8 hours per day. EarthPulser™ is the most adaptive pulsed electromagnetic system ever devised, providing more predictable SLEEP, RECOVERY, OXYGENATION, PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT and LONGEVITY outcomes than with any other pulsed electromagnetic technology, produced by anyone, anywhere, at any output strength, at any price.

Our frequency range, wave form and near-Earth amplitude (during the night) allow safe use for regular nighttime use. Our patented CROSS-POLARITY inductor electromagnet and RECOVER-MODE programing provide extraordinary effect in a relatively short amount of time due to creation of strong North/South magnetic field gradient at exact site of application. There is nothing else like it in the world. In an effort to keep our device as economical as possible we now UPS World Express directly to your door from our manufacturer in India to provide you the most effective and economical bioelectromagnetic solution for better sleep, better health, longer life and enhanced physical and mental performance.

What is it worth to you,...to be able to Sleep on Command™, recover & perform better than you've ever experienced in your life?

EarthPulser Sleep on Command™ now includes:

-Eight program modes;
SLEEP-MODE 1(starts in ALPHA, steps down to DELTA, cycling in and out of DELTA & REM (low-THETA) during the night w/WAKE-UP phase during last segment)
SLEEP-MODE 2 (starts in ALPHA, steps down to DELTA, cycling within DELTA range all night w/WAKE-UP phase),
SLEEP-MODE 3 (starts in Delta, cycles within Delta all night w/WAKE-UP phase)
SLEEP-MODE 4 (starts and stays at 1 Hz, w/NO-wake-up phase. We affectionately call this new program "the Dead-Zone")
RECOVER-MODE (based upon the best of Eastern European PEMF discoveries, w/Wake-Up phase for use when "POWER-NAPPING" or as an alternative SLEEP-MODE for athletes or after strenuous physical activity or injury). Trauma if all types responds extremely well to all night LOCAL, DUAL-POLARITY RECOVER-MODE application.
ALERT-MODE (to reduce physical and mental fatigue or for Recovery issues w/out causing drowsiness)
ENTRAIN-UP (use up to 1 hour per session to expose system to entire range; useful with Parkinson's etc.)
ENTRAIN-DOWN (use for 1 hour only as a replacement for all night use. Puts you to sleep then shuts down)

-Our patent pending MODULAR-ELECTROMAGNET Inductor Coil; includes our patented CROSS-POLARITY ring attachment for DUAL-POLARITY LOCAL RECOVER-MODE improved copper coil winding and metallurgy results in 20% greater peak amplitude and just the right amount of heat results in synergistic action far nicer finishing with round edges for comfort when used in direct contact nicely machined; all metal parts can be fully tightened by hand

These 8 programs and the MODULAR-ELECTROMAGNET allow you an unusually wide variety of application techniques that lend themselves well to just about any application or experimental technique.

-100-240 volt AC to 7 volt DC power supply; now with in-line surge protection
-Improved cords and grommeting
-Improved electronic components and membrane pad control mechanism
-US/EU plug adapter for international travel (other countries available at no charge upon request),
-New soft-side zippered travel case now travels well through airports. Application for: o arthritis o joint deformity o tissue trauma / brain trauma o chronic pain syndromes of all types

We utilize an 8 hour (or more) nightly application schedule designed to help promote deep Delta-rhythm sleep and phenomenal recovery.

Robert O. Becker, MD the Father of Electromedicine identified optimal healing efficiency using 8 hours on / 8 hours off applications. From his mouth to your ears,..."Your application technique is the next best thing". You will be delighted and amazed at how the body utilizes these frequency-specific, very-weak pulsed electromagnetic fields on a regular, nightly basis.


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